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Struggling to mark up swings? How about imbalance & Liquidity? Want to see the Asia-range or spread hour (market rollover) candles without having to mess around with your time zone settings?

Have our indicators do it for you. 

Major Swings

Automatically mark up major swings if you are struggling or new to the concept or simply looking to save some time. Our swing indicator is configurable  for one and two candle breaks for multiple structure types and also indicates internal swings.

Internal Swings

Automatically maps internal swings that form between major swing points.

Imbalance Candles

Our imbalance indicator marks up any imbalance on the chart and allows for bearish and bullish imbalance to be separated in color allowing us to find SKORGE zones easily. We will in the future have this indicator draw zones automatically.

Fresh Imbalance Candles

Fresh imbalance is an exclusive concept we have developed to filter down all imbalance/fvg to the most successful ones in rejecting the market. This unique imbalance is what we use within our skorge setup and provides the highest rejection rates out of any imbalance in the market.

Our indicator now have alerts enabled which can be specified to your own preferred trading sessions, allowing you to be notified whenever a fresh imbalance candle has formed to trade from.

Spread Candles

Have our indicator mark spread candles on your chart so you never have to worry about trading low liquidity/volume price action again.


Banks start trading at different times of the year because of daylight savings meaning if you dont adjust your Asian range and session openings you will actually be trading the wrong time periods, our Asian range indicator does this automatically so you dont have to adjust its settings anymore.

Liquidity Heat-map

A prototype indicator that displays liquidity around market structure, gives a visual representation on where pockets of liquidity lie around horizontally close market structure.


Customizable watermark to add motivation to your chart.


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